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      March 25th, 1941.
1. Naval. Night of 24th-25th. "E" boats active off 
      NORFOLK Coast. Though one torpedo boat sighted by "Worcester" 
      no engagement reported and "E" boats appeared to be 
      driven off from the convoys.   
2. Merchant vessel intercepted and scuttled off PERIM on March 
      23rd was German "ORDER" 8,516 tons.
3. On the 24th, Bomber Command Aircraft sank small ship off 
      the Hook of Holland.
4. MALTA - dockyard attacked by 6 aircraft at 4 a.m. March 
      24th. Some damage to buildings and small Ex-Italian merchant 
5. MILITARY. ERITREA to 7.50 p.m. March 23rd. Night of the 
      21st-22nd March, an enemy battalion with three light tanks again 
      counter-attacked 2 ½ miles South-West of KEREN and was 
      repulsed. Successful mortar action compelled enemy to vacate 
      hill 4 miles West of Keren.
6. YUGOSLAVIA. At least 21 out of 30 divisions are now mobilised.
7. S.E. EUROPE. A minimum of at least 35 German divisions 
      are now believed to be in Roumania and/or Bulgaria. Rail movements 
      suggest further reinforcements likely in the near future. 16 
      divisions and elements of 5 more believed already in Bulgaria.
8. ETHIOPIA. GABALLAT sector- Patriots astride CHELGA-GONEA 
9. ROYAL AIR FORCE. March 24th. Blenheims attacked docks at 
      Havre and Cherbourg and also shipping in the Channel. One is 
10. Night of 24th-25th March-- operations cancelled. 
11. ALBANIA. On March 23rd, our bombers and fighters attacked 
      BERAT aerodrome and destroyed two enemy fighters in the air and 
      4 more on the ground. We lost one Hurricane
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