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      March 24th, 1941.
NAVAL. During air attack on Malta yesterday, British cruiser 
      and destroyer slightly damaged by near misses, 2 British merchant 
      vessels received direct hits and some damage; some damage in 
2. His Majesty's ship "Leander" intercepted French 
      ship (5,300 tons) off Mauritius March 23rd and sent her to Mauritius 
      under armed guard.
      British sloop intercepted merchant vessel off Perim March 23rd 
      which later blew herself up.
3. GREECE. Morale of army in Macedonia excellent; that of 
      civilian population is satisfactory though some evacuation frontier 
      villages and Salonica area. Government tried to prevent evacuation 
      but large-scale movement of refugees probable when hostilities 
4. ROYAL AIR FORCE. Night of March 23rd-March 24th.
      128 heavy and medium bombers sent to industrial targets in Berlin, 
      Keil and Hanover docks, Calais and an oil plant in Rotterdam. 
      One medium bomber missing.
5. GERMAN AIR FORCE. March 23rd. Very little enemy activity. 
      Two enemy bombers destroyed and two more damaged.
6. Night of March 23rd-March 24th. Only 23 aircraft came in 
7. MALTA. On March 23rd 2 large formation of dive-bombers 
      and fighters, dive-bombed convoy in Grand Harbour. From preliminary 
      reports, at least 9 dive-bombers were destroyed by our fighters 
      and 4 other aircraft by anti-aircraft fire. A Hurricane was shot 
      down but the pilot safe.
8. ALBANIA. On March 22nd, 5 Italian bombers escorted by 15 
      fighters attacked Paramythia Aerodrome (S.W. of Yanina) without 
      success; later 12 fighters machine-gunned aerodrome, destroying 
      3 Blenheims on the ground and
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