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Telegram from London dated March 26th, 1941.
NAVAL, Thick weather has continued to prevent observation 
      by aircraft of shipping in Brest. Position of German battle cruisers 
      still unknown.
2. "Britannia" British (8,799) tons at 10.55 March 
      25th reported shelled oy Warship raider 480 miles South of Cape 
      Verde Islands.
3. "Memnon" British 7,506 tons was torpedoed 270 
      miles north east of Cape Verde Islands on the 11th.
4. "Sturgeon" torpedoed south bound tanker probably 
      Norwegian "Drafn" 8,205 tons off 0brestad p.m. March 
      2Oth. Tanker last seen with only after part above water.
5. British 1,100 ton snip in convoy off Sheringham night of 
      March 24th-25th fired three bursts at 200 ft. range into E boat 
      wnich was stopped when last seen.
6. Military. March 24th enemy employing M13 tanks occupied 
      Fort Agheila and by evening had advanced l8 miles furthereast 
      and then turned south east.
7. German motorized column believed to be operating in the 
      neighbourhood of Brak (about 375 miles South of Tripoli).
8. Royal Air Force.
      March 25th; minor operations only against enemy shipping in the 
      channel, 1 Beaufort missing - at night no bombers despatched 
      owing to bad weather.
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