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5. We are doing and will continue to do everything possible 
      to stiffen Portuguese morale but our means to action are at present 
      limited and we feel that one of the most effective steps which 
      could be taken would be the return to the Tagus of the United 
      States naval squadron which was withdrawn early in the war.
6. Please approach United States Government and inform them 
      of our fears that the situation in Portugal may develop unfavourably, 
      that we cannot effectively go to the help of Portugal at the 
      present moment, and that in our view a most effective step to 
      strengthen Portuguese morale and resistance to German pressure 
      would be for the United States Government to send back one or 
      more United States war ships to Portuguese waters immediately. 
      The United States Government might also like to consider a naval 
      visit to the Portuguese Atlantic Islands. 
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