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      DATED APRIL 6th, 1941.
Three German destroyers rounded 
      Cape Gris Nez p.m. 5th proceeding down 
      the channel. Movement may be connected with possible sailing 
      of "Gneisenau" from 
      Brest M.T.B. 's departing from Dover failed to contact these 
2. Reconnaissance Massowa p.m. 5th show all 
      but four merchant ships scuttled in the 
      harbour. One destroyer seen submerged her side sixty-five miles 
      N.N.E. of Massawa 
      believed either Calsare Battisti or Vincenzo 0rsini. According 
      to prisoners Giovanni
      Acerbi only destroyer in Massawa with guns removed damaged in 
      air raids. Three
      convoys air attacked off east coast April 5th, one small ship 
      of 450 tons sunk. One has
      unexploded bomb on board.
3. 2,000 ton ship with two smaller vessels 
      off La Rochelle attacked by Blenheim 
      aircraft p.m. 5th, big ship very near missed by several bombs.
Military. Hungary. 
Evidence of partial 
      mobilization of Hungarian army commencing.
      Reservists of third army corps, one motorized brigade called 
      up. These armies stationed
      areas near Yugoslav frontier. Three frontier Jaegar brigades 
      brought up to strength.
      Reported troops at Szeged and within five miles of the Yugoslav 
      frontier placed war
South-East Europe.
 Germans attacked 
      Greek frontier posts this morning. 
      Disposition of German forces various frontiers of Yugoslavia. 
      South Austria ten to 
      twelve divisions. South West Hungary possibly three divisions. 
      Bulgaria. Total German
      divisions twenty-five probably six in position to attack Greece
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