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Great Britain Diplomatic Files - Box 37 Folder Titles List

The documents in the Great Britain Diplomatic Files are original evidence. They are presented here in both original and text converted formats, although in general, Maps, Charts, Tables and Photographs were not converted into text. Text documents are "keyword" searchable, but have been edited from the orignal, meaning that handwriting and signatures has been deciphered, and OCR errors have been corrected. Original documents serve as snapshots in time, and also as touchstones by which the researcher can judge the text conversions.

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Churchill, Winston 1940-42 Index

  • Includes correspondence, memos, drawings, reports and notes dated between 3/5/40 and 12/7/42.
  • Correspondents include FDR, Churchill, Stalin, Hull, Welles and others.
  • Topics include the military situation in Europe, post-war needs of European countries, postwar peace commitments, Pearl Harbor and British propaganda.
Churchill, Winston: 1943 Index
  • Correspondence, memos, reports, telegrams, a newspaper clipping and maps
  • Correspondents include: FDR, Churchill, Welles, Foreign Office, Hull, Mary churchill, Clemintine Curchill, Sir Alfered Webb
  • Topics Include: Corresponce between Churchill and FDR regarding the war situation, the military, war costs in terms of shipbuilding between the US and Britain,
  • telegram regarding Stalin and changes that Churchill made in memo to Russia,
  • report on activities and strenghts as of June 1943 of opposing forces in Yugoslavia, Albania and Greece,
  • person letters between Winston, Mary, and Clementine Churchill to FDR regarding their trip to Hyde Park and the Capital,
  • itinerary for the Churchill's visit to the US,
  • letters and telegrams that exhibit and display the friendship between Chuchill and FDR
Winston Churchill 1944-45 Index
  • Correspondence, telegrams, photograph, reports dated between 1/4/44 and 3/5/45.
  • Correspondents include: FDR, Winston Churchill, Cordell Hull, Powers Symington, Mrs. Winston Churchill, E.R. Stettinius, Jr.
  • Topics: Negotiations for exchanging Japanese civilian prisoners for British and American civilians held by Japan;
  • photograph of damage at 10 Downing St. from bombing;
  • restrictions on Irish ships by Great Britain;
  • FDR discussing three separate states with separate governments in Balkan confederation;
  • Churchill's views on imperalism and democracy and government of Persia;
  • Churchill and FDR discuss merits of "Basic English";
  • leaking of confidential information to British and American press;
  • Argentina and British meat contracts;
  • Churchill's speech to House of Commons-1/18/45 discussing the war,
  • foreign situations and policies;
  • exchange of messages between Winston Churchill and General Franco;
  • discussions on food relief for Belgium and Holland.
Defense Articles Transfer: 1941 Index
  • Correspondence, memos, and reports dated between 3/21/1941 and 5/19/1941
  • Correspondents include: FDR, Hopkins, Forster, and J.H. Burns
  • Topics include: Transfer of defense articles
Defense Articles Transfer: 1941 Index
  • Correspondence, memos, and reports dated between 2/19/1941 and 12/4/1941
  • Correspondents include: FDR, Hopkins, Halifax, Butler, King George, Sumner
  • Welles
  • Topics include: Telegram, Drafts of Speech, Millitary Report
Averell W. Harriman: 1941-1942 Index
  • Correspondence and telegrams
  • Correspondents include: Averell Harriman and FDR
  • Topics include: U.S. aid given to Joseph Stalin and The calulations of the goods lost during shipment.
Joesph P. Kennedy: 1938-June 1939 Index
  • Correspondence, telegrams,a nd memos dated between 1/13/38 and 6/2/39
  • Correspondents include: Joseph Kennedy, Sumner Welles, and Cordell Hull
  • Topics include: British Empire, Spanish Insurgents, and Bombing of Spanish civilian population
Kennedy, Joseph P.: July 1939-1940 Index
  • Correspondence, telgrams, memorandum and reports dated 7/20/39-12/2/40
  • Correspondents Include: FDR, Joseph Kennedy, Rose Kennedy, Hull, Hanes,Capra and Cohn, Callaghan, Welles, Breckenridge Long, Watson, Currie, and Fairbanks
  • Topics Include: Political international situation,
  • political and economic situation in England,
  • private purchasing agencies,
  • US financial situation,
  • state of international affairs,
  • Kennedy's personal leeter of thanks to FDR,
  • the state of war progress in the beginning stages in regards to England,
  • England's economy due to the war,
  • personal correspondence,
  • Kennedy's response to film "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington,
  • update on Kennedy's health to FDR,
  • document on "The German Supply Outlook",
  • the evacuation of Americans in foreign countries,
  • critism of Joe Kennedy's pro-Catholic, pro-peace sentiments in regards to the war,
  • letter of Kennedy's resignation as Ambassador
Kennedy, Joseph P.: Lost Shipping Index
  • Cover letters and graphs
  • No correspondents mentioned
  • Topics include: Graphs that depict the shipping situation; losses and gains for Allied, Opposing and Neutral forces
John M. Keynes Index
  • Correspondence and an article
  • Correspondent is John M. Keynes
  • Topics include: Countries helping one another before to much damage is done.