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[a343y05.jpg] - FDR. 6/10/38. Guest lists: dinners at Hyde Park/King and Queen of England's visit. 6/10/39."Itinerary: The Visit of Their Britannic Majesties to the United State of America": June 7 to June 12 1939.Telegram Mackenzie King --> FDR. 6/12/39.Telegram King George --> FDR re: Thank you for gracious hospitality while visiting U.S. 6/12/39. King George --> FDR Copy of telegram sent to FDR. 6/12/39. Copy of toast given by FDR to King George. (n.d.). Lists cars, car numbers and occupants/King and Queen visit. 6/8/39. "K" --> Miss LeHand; White House memo. 6/13/39. E.R. --> FDR. 6/15/39. Draft of telegram FDR --> King George. 6/15/39.Telegram FDR sent to King George. 6/15/39.Draft of telegram FDR --> King George. 6/14/39.FDR --> Nicholas Roosevelt. 6/15/39. Nicholas Roosevelt --> FDR. 6/12/39.Memo. Cordell Hull --> FDR. 10/20/38. King George --> FDR. 10/8/38." width="500" height="686">
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