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Mackenzie King --> FDR Transcribed from handwritten letter re: visit: King & Queen. 7/1/39.
Handwritten letter; Mackenzie King --> FDR. 7/1/39.
Mackenzie King --> FDR re: commemorative medallion: Royal Canadian Mint. 7/6/39.
Telegram George, R.I. --> FDR. 7/16/39.
FDR --> Secretary of State re: gift from King to St. James Church, Hyde Park. 7/28/39.
Rev. Frank R. Wilson --> FDR re: Gift of Bible from King George. 7/17/39.
FDR --> Rev. Frank R. Wilson. 7/14/39.
Memorandum E.M.W. --> FDR. 7/12/39.
R.C.Lindsay --> George T. Summerlin. 7/6/39.
Sumner Welles --> FDR. 8/1/39.
Note from [unknown! "The President is taking Bible to Hyde Park". 9/18/39.
Memorandum George T. Summerlin --> General Watson. 9/13/39.
E.M.W. --> Miss LeHand. 9/15/39.
George T. Summerlin --> General Watson re: Photographs of airplanes given to King George. 8/10/39.
A.H.L. Hardinge --> Herschal Johnson. 7/31/39.
Minutes of meeting at St. James Church, Hyde Park held on 10/8/39.
FDR --> Rev. Frank R. Wilson. 10/14/39.
Article: "Date for Thanksgiving". (n.d.)
Telegram FDR --> Rev.Frank R. Wilson. 10/18/39.
Frank R. Wilson -->FDR 10/16/39.
"Directions for releasing spring locks in glass enclosure of Bible". 10/19/39.
George T. Summerlin --> General Watson. 11/6/39.
Enclosure notation State Dept. --> [unknown! (n.d.)
Herschel V. Johnson --> Secretary of State re: books of photographs from FDR. 10/13/39.
King George and Queen Elizabeth --> FDR and ER; Christmas card/photograph. 12/29.
Memorandum FDR --> Mr. Summerlin. 11/14/39.
FDR --> Sir Alan Lascelles.11/13/39.
Copy of Resolution "That the grateful thanks of St. James Parish be conveyed to King George VI for his gift of a Holy Bible". 6/11/39.
Rev. Frank R. Wilson--> Sir Alan Lascelles. 11/5/39.
M.A.LeHand --> Rev.Frank R. Wilson. 1/5/40.
George T. Summerlin -->Gen. Watson. 2/2/40.
Herschel V. Johnson --> Secretary of State re: Transmitting letter to FDR & Rev. Watson. 12/13/39.
Sir Alan Lascelles --> FDR. 12/11/39.
King George --> FDR.2/1/40.
FDR --> Lady Nunburnholme.1/15/40.
Lady Nunburnholme -->FDR 12/7/39.
Memo. M.H.M. --> FDR.2/6.
R.D.W. O'Connor -->Miss LeHand. 2/7/40.
FDR --> King George re: international organization set-up [provide food/clothing!. 5/1/40.
King George --> FDR re: preliminary study of potential stocks: food/clothing. 4/2/40.
FDR --> Joseph P.Kennedy. 5/3/40.
Eleanor Roosevelt --> Queen Elizabeth. 5/1/40.
FDR --> King George.5/1/40.
Queen Elizabeth -->Mrs. Roosevelt. 6/11/40.
Note: Published in "Foreign Relations of the United States" 6/22/40. Note: FDR/TMB To put in Historic File. (n.d.)
King George --> FDR.6/22/40.
Note from White House re: letter from King George.
King George --> FDR re:Use of U.S. destroyers. 6/26/40.
Note: Respectfully forwarded to Mr. President "E.M.W." (n.d.)
King George --> FDR re: U.S. ships made available to Great Britain. 9/5/40.
King George --> FDR re: FDR re-election, third term. 11/11/40.
King George --> FDR re: U.S. aid to Great Britain during war; sinking of "Bismark".
Note FDR and ER --> King George. 12/25/41.
Cable King George --> FDR 12/25/41. - Currently Unavailable
Sumner Welles --> FDR. 4/1/42.
King George --> FDR re: Japan's attacks on British territories. 3/11/42.

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