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      August 25, 1938.
      My dear King George:-
      When I was in Canada, a few days ago, Prime Minister Mackenzie 
      King told me, in confidence, that there is a possibility that 
      you and Her Majesty will visit the Dominion of Canada in the 
      Summer of 1939.
If this visit should become a reality, I hope very much that 
      you will extend your visit to include the United States. I need 
      not assure you that it would give my wife and me the greatest 
      pleasure to see you, and, frankly, I think it would be an excellent 
      thing for Anglo-American relations if you could visit the United 
      As you know, an International Exposition is to be held in New 
      York City (and another one in San Francisco) in 1939. Doubtless 
      you would not be able to visit both of them but if you could 
      come from Montreal or Ottawa to New York, it would be only an 
      overnight journey.
If you should be here in June or July you might care to avoid 
      the heat of Washington, and, in such a case, it would give us 
      the greatest pleasure to have you and Her Majesty come to visit 
      us at our country home at Hyde Park which is on the Hudson River, 
      about eighty miles north of New York and, therefore, on the direct 
      route between New York City and Canada. Also, it occurs to me 
      that a Canadian trip would be crowded with formalities and that 
      you both might like three or four days of very simple country 
      life at Hyde Park -- with no formal entertainments and an opportunity 
      to get a bit of rest and relaxation.
In case you would care to come to Washington, however, and 
      to see the Capital, you would, of course, stay with us at the 
      White House. This would of necessity be somewhat more formal 
      and, in the event that the Congress is still in session, there 
      would probably be great pressure for you to be received by the 
      You and I are fully aware of the demands of the Protocol people, 
      but, having had much experience with them, I am inclined to think 
      that you and Her Majesty should do very much  %what you personally 
      want to do -- and I will see to it over here that your decision 
      becomes the right decision. 
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