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      I am so glad to have your letter and to know that the visit is 
      a definite possibility.
I have talked with Lindsay and I am enclosing a copy of his 
      informal memorandum to me.
We talked the other day and agreed that it would probably 
      be advisable for you and Her Majesty to pay a formal visit to 
      me at the Capitol -- but I think that Lindsay should not call 
      the visit to Washington "the principal part of the plan". 
      I sat this to you quite frankly because he doesn't even refer 
      to your coming to stay with Mrs. Roosevelt and me at Hyde Park.
I know you will not mind my telling you that in my judgement, 
      to the American people, the essential democracy of you and the 
      Queen makes the greatest appeal of all. Probably the official 
      visit to the Capital should be made, and also a visit to New 
      York but if you could stay with us at Hyde Park for two or three 
      days, the simplicity of such a visit would produce a most ex- 
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