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      3rd. November, 1938.
I have now been able to give further thought to the plans 
      for my visit to Canada, with their special bearing on your very 
      kind invitation to The Queen and myself to stay with you in the 
      United States. I am happy to say that the way now seems clear 
      for me to gratify my wish and accept this invitation, which I 
      do with the utmost pleasure.
As it is undesirable for me, in these disturbed days, to be 
      too long absent from the United Kingdom, and as-I shall have 
      so large a programme to carry out in Canada, I fear that it may 
      not be possible for me to avail myself of your hospitality for 
      more than four days. You will, I feel sure, agree that it is 
      too early yet to discuss details, but it may not be easy for 
      me to come to the United States until nearly the end of my Canadian 
      Tour, that is to say about the 
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