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Ottawa, December 20th, 1938.
      My dear Mr. President,
In accordance with our understanding with respect to the visit 
      of Their Majesties, I am now writing officially to say that our 
      plans have advanced to the point where we are only awaiting final 
      approval from Buckingham Palace before making public the details 
      of their Canadian itinerary. As we do not anticipate that any 
      important change in the present programme will be necessary, 
      I have thought it advisable to write to you for the purpose of 
      making sure that the Canadian schedule will not in any way run 
      counter to the plans being prepared under your direction for 
      Their Majesties' visit to the United States.
In the itinerary as now arranged we have advanced the original 
      date of Their Majesties' visit to the United States by one day 
      in order that you may,
      Franklin D. Roosevelt, Esq.,
      President of the United States,
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