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-January 18, 1939.
      Dear Mackenzie:-
      I am enclosing confidentially for your information a letter I 
      have Just sent to His Majesty. I think it brings everything up 
      to date as far as possible at this time.
      Incidentally, I hope much that The King will bring you with him 
      as his "Minister-in-Attend-ance" or whatever they call 
      Have you any suggestions to offer? If It is terrifically hot, 
      can't you discard that very good looking gray morning suit and 
      light gray hat and design for yourself a white Naval uniform, 
      with gold maple leaves to denote Prime Minister rank? I might 
      even try my hand at designing, the same sort of thing for the 
Commander-in-Chief of the United States Army and Navy. It 
      has never been done but I fear that is one precedent I do not 
      dare to break.
      I am very certain that this coming visit is going to do much 
      good here and it would really help if you can arrange to come 
      I hope all goes well with you. Do come down again soon if you 
      possibly can.
      I hope also that the report I have is true -- that the St. Lawrence 
      Treaty prospects seem brighter.
As ever yours,
      The Right Honorable
      W. L. Mackenzie King, P.a., O.H.O.,
      Prime Minister of Canada,
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