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January 18, 1939.
      My dear King George:-
I have Just received word from Canada that they are expecting 
      you and Her Majesty to arrive at Niagara Falls, Ontario, at about 
      4:00 P.M. on Wednesday, June seventh, leaving Canada and entering 
      the United States at about 9;30 P.M. that evening. This will 
      give you an excellent chance to see the Falls by daylight and 
      also to see them electrically lighted just before you leave.
It is planned that your train will arrive in Washington the 
      following morning, Thursday, shortly before noon.
For the rest of that day and the next day, Friday, I suggest 
      either of the following alternate plans, subject, of course, 
      to any omissions or additions you may care to make.
      Thursday, June 8th.
      11:30 A.M. arrive at White House
      12.30 P.M. motor to Navy Yard and go on board my small yacht 
      USS POTOMAC, lunch on board while proceeding down the river to 
      Mount Vernon-- a distance of about eighteen miles. Go ashore 
      at Mount Vernon, visit the house, lay a wreath on President Washington's 
      Tomb and motor back to the White House where we would have family 
      tea and give you a couple of hours of rest.
      8:00 P.M. State Dinner 
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