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      February 8th., 1939.
      I am very grateful for your letter of January 18th., and I can 
      assure you that The Queen and I both appreciate most sincerely 
      your desire to make our visit a happy one and as little exacting 
      as possible. We are greatly looking forward to our four days 
      in the United States, and I am sure that we shall much enjoy 
You have been good enough to encourage me to say what I would 
      like best as regards the programme, and I have therefore sketched 
      out a rough plan, which embodies most of the various suggestions 
      which you have put forward. It is, of course, quite tent %ative, 
      and subject to any comments that you may have to make. Lindsay, 
      with whom I have discussed it, is bringing it back with him, 
      and will be able to give any explanations that may be needed. 
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