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Paris, March 23, 1939.
      Dear Mr. President:
      I have the honor to submit herewith to the Chief of State in 
      accordance with his request made to me at Warm Springs, Georgia, 
      the recommendations as to the personal needs of Their Royal Majesties, 
      George VI and Elizabeth, King and Queen, By the Grace of God, 
      of Great Britain, Ireland and of the British Dominions Beyond 
      the Seas, King and Queen Defender of the Faith, Emperor and Empress 
      of India.
      I may add that my most onerous diplomatic labor since reaching 
      Paris has been the extraction of these recommendations and that 
      I expect you to decorate me at once with the Order of the Royal 
      I ask for this particular decoration because the President of 
      the French Republic, at vast expense, had installed in the Palais 
      d'Orsay for the reception of Their
The Honorable
      Franklin D. Roosevelt,
      President of the United States of America,
      Washington, D. C.  
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