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April 21, 1939.
      The seating capacity of the East Roam, with small stage which 
      will be used for Nicaraguan musical, is 350. We have already 
      Dimmer guests 55
      Musical " 201
      Total : 256
      Inasmuch as we will have same extra space and since only officials 
      are to be asked, would the President care to add the names of 
      any of the following to this musical?
      Mr. and Mrs. James L. Houghteling
      District of Columbia Commissioners
      Hon. and Mrs. Edward J. Noble - special assistant to Harry Hopkins
      Hon. & Mrs. Fred H. Brown - Comptroller Gen. of U. S.
      Hon. and Mrs. Marion M. Caskie - Chr. Interstate Commerce Comm.
      Hon. and Mrs. C. Rogers Arundell - U. S. Board of Tax Appeals 
      Hon. and Mrs. Clyde L. Seavey - Federal Power Commission
      Dr. Joseph S. Ames - National Advisory Comm. for Aeronautics 
      Hon. and Mrs. Gilmore D. Clarke - Commission of Fine Arts 
      Dr. and Mrs. Charles G. Abbot - Smithsonian Institution 
      Hon. and Mrs. Emil Schram- Elec. Home & Farm Authority 
      Hon. and Mrs. John M. Carmody - Rural Elec. Adm. 
      Hon. and Mrs. F. F. Hill - Farm Credit Adm.
      Hon. and Mrs. Stuart A. Rice - Central Statistical Board
      Hon. Leo T. Crowley - Fed. Dep. Ins. Corporation
      Hon. and Mrs. Lynn P. Talley - Commodity Credit Corporation 
      Hon. and Mrs. R. D. W. Connor - Archivist of U. S.
      Hon. and Mrs. Sanford Bates - Fed. Prison Industries, Inc.
      Hon. and Mrs. J. Warren Madden - Nat 'l Labor Relations Bd.
      Hon. and Mrs. Murray W. Latimer - Railroad Retirement Bd.
      Hon. and Mrs. Frank R. McNinch - Fed. Communications Comm. 
      Hon. and Mrs. William M. Leiserson - National Mediation Board 
      Hon. and Mrs. Robert W. Bruere -Maritime Labor Board
      The following are the commissions, etc. which have been approved 
      and invited:
      Hon. and Mrs. Harry B. Mitchell - Civil Service Comm.
      Hon. and Mrs. Marriner S. Eccles - Fed. Res. System
      Hon. and Mrs. Robert E. Freer - Fed. Trade Commission 
      Hon. and Mrs. Raymond B. Stevens - U. S. Tariff Comm. 
      Hon. Stewart McDonald, - Federal Housing Adm. 
      Brig. Gen. and Mrs. Frank T. Hines - Vet. Adm. 
      Hon. Frederic A. Delano - Natl Capital Park & Planning Comm. 
      Hon. and Mrs. Norman H. Davis - Am. Natl Red Cross 
      Hon. and Mrs. Jesse H. Jones -R. F. C.
      Hon. and Mrs. John H. Fahey - Fed. Home Loan Bk. Bd.
      Dr. and Mrs. Harcourt A. Morgan - Tenn. Valley Auth. 
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