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April 18, 1939
      Photographs of the President will be given to the following:
      No. 1 photograph The President of Nicaragua
      The King of England
      No. 2 photograph Hon. Dr. Manuel Cordero Reyes - Min. of
      Foreign Affairs of Nicaragua
      Mr. De Valera - Prime Min. of Ireland
      H.R.H. Crown Prince Olav - Norway
      H.R.H. Crown Prince Frederik - Denmark
      Earl of Eldon
      Earl of Airlie
      No, 5 photograph Mr. Joseph Walshe - ?
      Capt. Comdr. Johan V. F. Vest -
      Chamberlain - Denmark
      Maj. N. R. Ostgaard - Chamberlain -
      1st Lt. Octavio Sacasa - Aide to Pres.
      Of Nicaragua
      2nd Lt. Pedro Nolasco Romero - Aide to 
      Pres. Of Nicaragua
      Mr. A. Lascelles
      Surgeon Captain H. White
      Mr. G. F. Steward
      Capt. M. Adeane
      Lt. Col. The Hon. Piers Legh
      Comdr. E. M. C. Abel-Smith 
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