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May 10, 1939.
      Dear Mr. Wilson-
      Thank you for letting me know about the Ellenville post office. 
      I will stop that brick right away|
      It is good to know about the will of Anna Cookingham. I hope 
      the sum is substantial.
      In regard to the service on Sunday morning, June eleventh: it 
      occurs to me that it will be necessary for us -- much to my regret 
      -- to have admission by card because at least two thousand will 
      try to get into the church.
      What do you think of the following plan?
1. There will be, I think, about forty people in the British 
      party, including the American Aides attached to them. It is my 
      thought that they will sit, because they are visitors, up near 
      the front and that my Mother, the King and Queen, Mrs. Roosevelt 
      and myself will sit in the first straight pew on the left, leaving 
      the corner pew by the font vacant. Your family would sit in the 
      front pew on the right. The rest of the visitors would sit on 
      both sides, occupying approximately four or five pews on each 
      side. These pews would include, of course, the Secret Service.
2. The rest of the church should, I think, be reserved for 
      members of the parish and for a few neighbors up and down the 
      river -- probably not more than a dozen of them who will be entertaining 
      part of the Royal party. I can give you the names of these later.
      As I remember it, the church seats about one hundred and twenty 
      people, and after deducting the Royal party, Secret Service, 
      and a few special guests, that would leave about sixty seats 
      for the parishioners. How would it do for you to allocate these 
      seats among such families as wish to attend the service? Obviously 
      every member of the larger families cannot attend if this means 
      keeping other families out. 
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