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St. James's Church
      Hyde Park, N.Y.
      May 4, 1939
      Dear Mr. Roosevelt:
      This is twice I am put on the spot. At your suggestion I have 
      written to the Presiding Bishop,(I hope he detects the smile), 
      intimating that he keep his sermon June ll within a reasonable 
      time. I believe that with one psalm and short lessons with his 
      'cooperation' we can most certainly confine the service to the 
      hour. I have explained the necessity for this.
      With this enclosure I am on the spot again. It came in this morning's 
      mail. The P.S. is apparently the reason why it came to me first, 
      so said I to myself, "I'll send it on". I would not 
      do this if I thought it would stand in the way of a Post Office 
      in Hyde Park, remembering what you said at Rhinebeck the other 
      We enjoyed so much the opportunities to be present at the picnics 
      and Florence and I do thank you and Mrs. Roosevelt for the pleasure.
      I just received in this morning's mail a notice that we are to 
      beneficiaries in a will of a Anna Cookingham of Staatsburgh. 
      I do not know yet to what extent. Goodness knows we need it.
      If you are coming this way again before June I hope we can arrange 
      for a Vestry meeting for we ought to have one before long.
      With every good wish from the Wilsons,
      Faithfully yours, 
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