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St. James's Church
      HYDE PARK, N. Y.
      May 13, 1939
Dear Mr. Roosevelt:
      Before I answer your letter of the 10th I must tell you of a 
      little excitement during the past week, three fires. The south 
      portion of the woods belonging to Mrs. J. R. Roosevelt and extending 
      to some depth in called out the firemen last Saturday; no damage 
      to speak of, I am told. Thursday evening a call came in for the 
      Vanderbilt woods. Late this afternoon we were called down to 
      the Rogers coal dock. The fire had gained such headway before 
      discovery that it was impossible to save it. The wind with the 
      extreme heat was such as to ignite the railway ties,
      I have something to look forward to for tomorrow. In the evening 
      I am going to preach in Harlem in one of the large negro churches.
      In view of all that you have to do it will not be necessary to 
      have that Vestry meeting the 28th May. Let us wait until late 
      June or early July if it so happens that you are to be in Hyde 
      lark at that time.
Now let us take up in the order you have given the plans for 
      June 11.
      1. There are 39 pews. You estimate a party of 60. Counting five 
      to a seat you would need twelve pews, six on either side which 
      would reach from the front back to and including Miss Ellen Roosevelt's. 
      This would leave us with about 150 sittings because in some instances 
      it will be quite possible be seat six persons in a pew.
      2. If you will give me the names of those others, those entertaining, 
      early; that will help me to know where I am at in sufficient 
      time to distribute tickets in the parish.
      3. As for announcement of the arrangements I dare not notify 
      by letter the members on the parish list. May I ask you if it 
      would be proper to make mention in one of our weekly church to 
      the effect "cards for the service can be had upon application 
      to the rector to a limited number"? Certainly, it seems 
      to me,  %those who attend services with regularity should have 
      the preference.
      4. I also had in mind that all others than those of your party 
      should be in their places by 10:45.  
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