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memo from M. Taylor of trip to Rome 3/11/39
Wells-->F.D.R. 5/16/39
Wells-->F.D.R. 8/2/39
Rep. Celler-->Hull 7/24/39
F.D.R. --> Under Sec. of State 8/6/39
Wells--> F.D.R. 8/1/39
Hull-->F.D.R. 10/20/39
statement by Archbis. Spellman 12/24/39
Pope Pius XII-->F.D.R. 1/7/40 text copy
Pope Pius XII-->F.D.R. 1/7/40 written copy
Wells-->F.D.R. 2/1/40
note to M.Taylor not sent
note to M. Taylor
note to M.Taylor 2/4/40
division of protocol, Dept.of State, note
letter not sent
S.Woodward--> Gen. Watson 2/10/40
note sw-->sr
note dept. of State, Div. of Eur.Affairs 2/9/40
dept.of state, Secretary 2/7/40
F.D.R. -->Pope 2/14/40
Draft of letter to Pope from F.D.R. 2/14/40
dispatch from USS Tuscaloosa, Taylor-->F.D.R. 2/27/40
letter from Geo. T. Summerlin 4/5/40
Wells-->F.D.R. 4/6/40
F.D.R.--> Sec. & underSec. of State 4/1/40
Wells--> F.D.R. 3/30/40
Pope-->F.D.R. Top Page
Pope Pius XII-->F.D.R. 3/16/40
note of enclosure
Hull-->F.D.R. 6/18/40
F.D.R.-->Sec. of State 5/24/40
F.D.R.--> M.Taylor 6/18/40
memo dealing with Taylor and the Vatican
Hull--> Commission for Polish Relief 6/18/40
Sec.of State to the Pope--> Taylor 4/16/40
F.D.R. --> Taylor 8/3/40
F.D.R.--> Taylor 8/16/40
Taylor--> F.D.R. 8/16/40
Pope Pius XII-->F.D.R. 8/22/40
notes of memo F.D.R.-->Taylor 9/13/40
F.D.R.--> Pope 10/1/40
Hull-->F.D.R. 9/25/40
draft of memo to Pope
Pope Pius XII-->F.D.R. 12/20/40
Pope --> F.D.R. in Latin

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