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memo from M. Taylor of trip to Rome 3/11/39
Taylor-->LeHand 2/15/41
Wladimir d'Ormesson-->Taylor 1/9/41
Sumner welles-->FDR 3/1/41 - Currently Unavailable
FDR-->Amleto Giovanni Ciognani 2/15/41 - Currently Unavailable
FDR-->Pope Pius XII (nd) - Currently Unavailable
Pope-->FDR 2/15/41 - Currently Unavailable
Pope-->FDR typewritten draft - Currently Unavailable
Pope-->FDR 3/4/41 - Currently Unavailable
Memorandum for the Secretary of State 3/10/41 - Currently Unavailable
Memorandum for Sumner Welles 4/1/41 - Currently Unavailable
Wladimir Ormeston-->Taylor 4/25/41 - Currently Unavailable
Ormeston-->Taylor 5/1/41 - Currently Unavailable
Sermon Delivered by Bishop Clemens 7/13/41 - Currently Unavailable
unspecified note re: Holy See 7/41
Telephone Message from Taylor to FDR 8/30/41
Hull-->FDR 8/30/41
FDR-->Pope 9/3/41
FDR-->Pope 9/3/41
Pope-->FDR typewritten draft
Pope-->FDR final draft 9/20/41
Memorandum for the President 9/2/41
Telegram to FDR from Taylor 9/9/41
Memorandum for Cordell Hull 9/12/41
letter re: British Bombing Forces 9/17/41
Memorandum for Taylor from Burton Y. Berry 9/20/41
letter re: Religion in Russia 9/20/41
Religious Situation in Russia 9/20/41
Memorandum from Taylor 9/20/41
Extract of Speech delivered by M. Maisky, Soviet Ambassador 9/23/41
note re: confidential reports
Memorandum of Discussion with Ambassador Winat and Myron Taylor 9/27/41
telegram for FDR from Taylor 9/27/41
The Archbishop and the Bishops of Holand to the Clergy and to the Faithful who are Entrusted to their Care 9/29/41
M. Leopold Braun-->Taylor 10/3/41
Memorandum for Taylor from FDR 10/9/41
Memorandum for Taylor from FDR 10/9/41
handwritten note from FDR to Taylor 10/9/41
Press Comment 10/16/41
Examples of Press Comment for the President from Taylor (cover page)
Taylor-->Rudolph Forster 10/20/41
Memorandum for the President from Taylor 10/18/41
article from The Gary Post Tribune 10/6/41
cover page to memorandum
Memorandum for the President from Taylor 10/25/41
FDR-->Taylor 10/25/41
Taylor-->FDR 10/27/41
Memorandum for the Pesident from Taylor 10/28/41
Memorandum for FDR from Taylor 10/28/41
Memorandum for FDR from Taylor 11/1/41
L.S. Amery-->Taylor 9/30/41 - Currently Unavailable
Taylor-->Amery 11/5/41 - Currently Unavailable
Amery-->Taylor 12/19/41 - Currently Unavailable
extracts from "Doctrine and Action" - Currently Unavailable
Taylor-->FDR 11/9/41 - Currently Unavailable
Taylor-->FDR 11/18/41 - Currently Unavailable
Taylor-->FDR 11/21/41 - Currently Unavailable
Memorandum of Information on Foreign Affairs and the World Crisis - Currently Unavailable
note from FDR to Grace Tully with business card attached (nd) - Currently Unavailable

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