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F.D.R.-->Myron Taylor 2/17/42
M.Taylor-->Grace Tully 2/14/42
M.Taylor-->F.D.R. 2/12/42
article 2/13/42 "'Cliveden Set' Here Plotting Peace---Dewey"
M.Taylor-->G.Tully 2/25/42
memo 7/27/41 re: relations between US & UK
memo 12/40 re: German War Econ.
memo 4/41 re: Hitler's New Order
memo 1930 re: Briand Plan for European Union
memo of phone call from M.Taylor for F.D.R. by GT 5/30/42
G.Tully--> MAC 6/1/42
MAC--> G.Tully 5/29/42
Jacques Balsan-->Taylor 5/17/42 translation
Jacques Balsan-->Taylor 5/17/42 org. letter
Jacques Balsan-->F.D.R. 5/19/42 translation
Jacques Balsan-->F.D.R. 5/19/42 org. letter
Leopold Amery-->M.Taylor 5/20/42
charts re: U.S. Steel Corp. 4/30/42
memo F.D.R.-->Under Sec. of State 8/13/42
M.Taylor--> G.Tully 8/11/42
Welles-->F.D.R. 8/19/42
L. Amery-->M.Taylor 7/30/42
Comments on special map of Germany 8/19/42
Map of Germany - Currently Unavailable
Letter to Pope Pius XII 9/3/42
memo for F.D.R. about M.Taylor 9/3/42
Welles--> F.D.R. 10/17/42
Welles--> F.D.R. 9/4/42
Draft of Archbishop Monney, for use at Vatican
Pope Pius XII--> F.D.R. 9/25/42
Copy of Pope's letter to F.D.R. 9/25/42
statement of M.Taylor -->Pope Pius XII 9/19/42
letter 9/22/42 to Pope from Myron Taylor
translation of memo from Yugoslav rep. Vatican Cty 9/24/42
letter to holy see 9/26/42
note from department of state, European affairs
memo of conversation of Cardinal Maglione & Taylor 9/25/42
note from Department of State, European affairs
M.Taylor's account of his interview w/Cardinal Maglione 9/25/42
memo conversation b/tw Mons. Tardini & M.Taylor 9/26/42
newspaper articles of German bombing of UK school 9/30/42
memo of conversation b/tw Portug. PM & M.Taylor 10/42
summary of interview with Portug. Rep, Pope, & M.Taylor 10/3/42
memo on State of Ireland 10/10/42
depart. of State note from M.Taylor 10/30/42
notes on appeals service 9/26/42
Apostolic Delegation appeals form of Taylor-> Brit POW
Return message of Brit POW--> Taylor
note regarding Holy See 9/26/42
memo from Count Dalla Torre, Vatican City
notes dealing with M.Taylor
M.Taylor--> F.D.R. 11/2/42
M.Taylor--> F.D.R. 11/2/42
newspaper art. "Pope wants Allies to win War" 10/31/42
memo Depart.of State C.H.--> Taylor 9/8/42
M.Taylor--> G. Tully 11/4/42
"Bombing of Rome"
Archbishop of Laodicea-->M.Taylor 10/28/42
newspaper art. 10/22/42 "No Pact Against Rome Raids"
memo of Pope Pius XII of Bombings 9/26/42
memo of Pope re Bombing Rome 9/17/41 given M.Taylor
newspaper art. on Bombing of Rome 10/42 and 7/42
memo 11/24/42
M.Taylor--> G.Tully 11/2/42
F.D.R.--> M.Taylor
Memo for F.D.R. from Sec. Hull 1/2/43
F.D.R. -->Sec. of State 12/28/42
M.Taylor-->F.D.R. 12/22/42
excerpt of lett. from ArchBish. Mooney to M.Taylor 11/30/42, Russia
Ed. Mooney--> M.Taylor 11/30/42
enclos. A,B,C,& D to Mooney's letter
F.D.R. --> Sec. of State 12/28/42
M.Taylor-->G.Tully 12/22/42
F.D.R.--> M.Taylor 12/4/42
Hull--> F.D.R. 12/3/42
memo for F.D.R. dealing w/ M.Taylor 11/30/42
F.D.R. --> sec. of State 12/1/42
memo's on M. Taylor
reminder for G.G.Tully 12/2/42
F.D.R.--> under Sec. of State 10/29/42
M.Taylor-->F.D.R. 9/29/42
M.Taylor--> G.Tully 10/26/42
M.Taylor-->F.D.R. 10/26/42
Wells--> F.D.R. 12/23/42
message for Pope from F.D.R. 12/22/42
F.D.R.-->Pope Pius XII 12/1/42
Wells-->F.D.R. 11/30/42
M.Taylor-->F.D.R. note and opinions

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