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Report to FDR by Taylor on his trip to the Vatican, Europe, and British Isles, 9/12 to 10/12/42
Memorandum "A" 9/1/42
FDR-->Pope Pious XII 9/3/42
Pope-->FDR 9/25/42
Summary of Coversations Between Pope and Taylor, 9/19, 22, 26, 1942
Second Audience 9/22/42
Reply of Pope to Memorandum of Taylor 9/22/42
Memorandum of Pope Pious XII 9/26/42
Memorandum of Pope Pius XII 9/26/42
Memorandum of Pope Pius XII 9/26/42
note from Taylor 10/30/42
Memorandum on the Treatment of Prisners of War 9/42
note re: Pope
Memorandum of Pope 9/26/42
Memorandum re: Bombing of Rome 9/17/41
Memorandum for the President
Minute for Intergovernmental Committee at its Meeting 9/9/42
Memorandum of Conference Between The Cardinal Secretary of State and Myron Taylor 9/25/42
Memorandum of Conference Between Cardinal Secretary of Sate and Taylor 9/25/42
Informal Notes of Myron Taylor 9/27/42
Harold-->Taylor 9/30/42
Memorandum of Statement Given Over the Telephone to the Apostilic Delegate 10/31/42
Viscount Halifax-->Taylor 11/6/42
Air Raid Damage to Churches in the United Kingdom, autumn 1942 - Currently Unavailable
S.G. Ciocognani-->Taylor 11/19/42
Memorandum 11/19/42
Strictly Personal Memorandum 9/26/42
Memorandum on Russia
Catholic Appeal for Victory, Peace 1/14/42
Apostilic Delegation
Informal Memorandum of Myro Taylor 9/42
Myron Taylor's Visit with Ambassador and Mrs. Carlton J. H. Hayes 10/6/42
Dinner Given By Ambasador and Mrs. Hayes 9/29/42
Hayes-->Taylor 10/6/42
RCA Radiogram from Hayes to Taylor 11/9/42
Hayes-->Taylor 11/13/42
Memorandum of a Conversation Between Dr. Antonio de Olivera Salazar and Taylor (nd)
Brief Summary of Interview between the Cardinal Patriarch of Portugal, Taylor, Pope Pios XII, Bert Fish, and Lt. Col. Joseph Rodrigo, 10/3/42
Winat Report re: Taylor's Discussions with Churchill and Eden 10/5/42
Memorandum of the State of Ireland 10/11/42
Aide Memoire 10/3/42
Minister of Lithuania-->Holy See 9/2/42
Santita-->Taylor 9/26/42
M. Lozoraitis-->Taylor 9/25/42
Taylor-->Cardinal Maglione 9/26/42
Sumner Welles-->Taylor 10/21/42
Notes Handed to Mr. Tittiman on October 2, 1942 by M. Papee
Aide Memoire 10/3/42
Memorandum 10/13/42
Tittiman-->Taylor 10/13/42
Memorandum for Taylor from George Kennan 10/2/42
Memorandum on Russia 9/9/42
Counsellor of the Royal Yugoslav-->Taylor 9/23/42
Translation of Memorandum from Yugoslav Representative 9/24/42
Hull-->Taylor 11/18/42
Translation of Letter from M. Thebaud 9/24/42
Translation of Memorandum from Thebaud 9/24/42
Harry A. Havens-->Taylor 8/29/42
Paraphrase of Telegram American Legation-->Sec of State 9/4/42
Paraphrase of Telegram American Embassy-->Sec of State 9/4/42
Memorandums for Taylor 9/8/42
Harrison-->Taylor 9/9/42
Santita-->Taylor 9/18/42 (Italian)
Tittiman-->Taylor 9/23/42
Telegram Received from Hull 9/26/42
Santita-->Taylor 9/25/42 (Italian)
Mr. Taylor's Permit by Italian Gov't to Leave Vatican and Pass Through Italy to Spain by Air 9/26/42
Taylor-->FDR 9/29/42
Note by Mr. Taylor
Samuel Hoare-->Taylor 10/1/42
William Phillips-->Taylor 10/3/42
Fish-->Taylor 10/3/42
Simon-->Taylor 10/5/42
A. Cardinal Hinsley-->Taylor 10/6/42
L.S. Amery-->Taylor 10/6/42
Anthony Eden-->Taylor 10/7/42
Clementine S. Churchill-->Taylor
Alexander Cadogan-->Taylor 10/9/42
Robert P. Meiklejohn-->Taylor 10/9/42
Western Union telegram Winant-->Taylor 10/17/42
Questions Regarding the Taylor Visit
Herbert Emerson-->Taylor 8/11/42
The Refugee Problems After the War
Distribution of Jews in the World

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