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                  TO HIS HOLINESS THE POPE                  
                   Rome, August 4, 1944.                    
                   My dear Mr. President:                   
At my fifth audience with the Pope, on August 3, after presenting a copy   
of the paragraph of your recent letter intended for His Holiness,   
discussion was resumed of the trend of war as it related particularly to   
the possible Russian ambitions in Europe, the ultimate situation of   
                  Poland, and of Germany.                   
I continued to meet these questions in the manner previously indicated and   
referred generlly to the prospects for the ultimate development of Germany   
shorn of its armament and war potentials.  The reaction to these   
statements was favorable.  I believe that no opposition to rendering   
Germany unable of future aggression will be met from these sources, the  
principal preoccupation being concern for the future welfare of the German   
people, and not in any sense the protection of the present leaders or the   
military class.  THe fear continues tha Russia is animated by exessive   
territorial and political ambitions, and that view persists quite   
generally in all conserveative circles, whether they be spiritual, civil,   
Italian, or international groups reflected by the diplomatic   
    representatives with many of whom I have talked to.     
On Thursday, Major General Joao Mascarenhas, Commander of the Brazilian   
Expeditionary Forces was received in audience at our instance, by His   
Holiness.  Lt. Col. Carroll Peeke who accompanied him, reuested us to make   
the arrangments, but we referred him to the Brazilian Ambassador who-   
after the audience- gave a luncheon at which Mr. and Mrs. Tittmann and I   
were present.  We emphasized the importance of the initial appearance in   
the European War theater of the South American  forces as indicating   
solidarity of Western hemisphere action.  We also encouraged the press to   
          make an important feature of the event.           
                     Sincerely yours,                       
                       {Myron Taylor}                       
                       His Excellency                       
                 Franklin Delano Roosevelt                  
               Presidet of the United States                
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