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                PARAPHARSE OF TELEGRAM SENT                 
           FROM: Secretary of State, Washington.            
               TO: American Delegation, Rome.               
                        Dated:  31.                         
   The following message for Myron Taylor is transmitted.   
  We refer to meassage dated July 24, Number 59, from you.  
A copy of letter dated July 7 from Judge Marchisio to you has neither been   
recieved nor seen by the Department.  We are told by the War Relief   
Control Board of the President that, with reference to the statment made   
by Judge Marchisio regarding the amount of clothing collected up to the   
date July 7th, the earlist date at which Judge Marchisio's organization   
and Judge Marchisio himself would be able, and all, to get together and   
deliver any appreciable amount of clothing ready for shipment to Italy   
would be September 1st.  In addition, we are told that the ruling of the   
War Department was that that Department would ship, within 90 days of the   
date when it was consigned to the War Department, amounts of clothing put   
at its disposal suitably packed and at certain designated stations and   
ports.  Of course this ruling is subject to agreement to the proposed   
arrangments by the commander of the theater.  The War Department has asked   
he views and the approval of the theater commander in this m
It is understood that Judge Marchisio is coming soon to Washington to take   
up the discusions again, but the War Department is still of the opinion   
        that his visit to Italy would not be timely.        
th reference to the method in which the clothing is consigne
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