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                        AUG 31 1944                         
               MEMORANDUM FOR THE PRESIDENT:                
     Subject: Proposed Trip by Judge Juvenal Marchisio.     
1. I am advised that you desire that the War Department make arrangements   
foe the travel fo Judge Juvenal Marchisio to Itlay for the purpose of   
making a survey of civilian relief problems on behalf of the American   
Relief for Italy , Inc., of which orgainization Judge Marchisio is the   
President.  I believe this decision involves certain considerations which   
            should be brought to your attention.            
2. The War Department is continually in reciept of requests from   
individuals and organizations in the United States for permission to visit   
theatersof operations for the purpose of making observations on the ground.   
These rquests have come from all types of relief, religious and welfare   
groups.  On advice of theater commanders that the conditions in military   
areas, including Italy, are not sufficiently stabilized to permit the   
introduction of such persons into the areas, the War Department has   
uniformly resisted such applications.  To relax this position in the case   
of Judge Marchisio will, in my opinion, make it extremely difficult to   
maintain our policy.  Only recently, on the advice of the Chief of Staff,   
has permission been denied to the introduction of clerical personnel into   
ly whose only purpose was to engage in spiritual ministratio
3. In spite of the most active efforts it has not yet been possible to   
obtain British agreement to introduction into Italy for free distribution   
through non-military channels of relief supplies provided by American   
Relief to Italy, Inc. The British Army Staff, on advice from London, has   
maintained that during the military period of responsibility the   
distribution of relief supplies in Italy should be limited to those  
 provided on a combined basis through military channels.  It now appears   
that a basis for agreement with the British military on this point may be   
agreed un the near future.  I am fearful that to permit Judge Marchisio to   
go to Italy at this time as a representative of private American charity   
will jeopardize the success of the Army's efforts to obtain distributions   
in Italy of the relief supplies provided by Judge Marchisio's   
4. In view of the foregoing considerations I respectfully urge you to   
reconsider your decision to permit Judge Marchisio to go to Italy at this   
                (signed) ROBERT P. PATTERSON                
                  ACTING  Secretary of War                  
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