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of consituted authority in the State, the Soviet Government by   
interpreting ans applying Article 124 of hte USSR consitiution publicly   
proclaims complete freedom of religious teaching and freedom of worship   
                  in all Soviet territory.                  
II. "Any abuse of these privileges, either to organize movements or incite   
the people to overthrow the Government, will be dealt with in each case   
                     according to law."                     
I did not feel in a position to make use of this statement- anticipating   
as we did that I would soon be returning to the Vatican and that I would   
nt the suggestion to His Holiness in person for his consider
  It was hardly a subject for telegraphic correspondence.   
     Events prevented my return until the present time.     
It would seem timly to discuss this subject now, when the British, Russian   
and Chinese diplomatic representatives are beginning conversations in  
Washington, on a preliminary draft of a plan for an International   
      Organization to preserve the peace of the world.      
I alluded in general terms to this plan in my first and second audiences   
with His Holiness.  It would seem that in theearly stages of that   
discussion the question of religious freedom might well be put forward.    
          Good faith on which such a great under-           
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