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                       My dear Myron,                       
Your letter of July 17 jon your interview with His Holiness on July 12,   
194 and subsequent conversation with Monsignor Tardini was most interesting.  
I trust that you will continue to keep me informed of Vatican thinking on   
ese important problems which are of so much concern to us al
I have considered at lenght the question of obtaining some Soviet assurance   
on the religious question but have reached the reluctent conclusion that   
at this particular moment it would be unwise to raise the issue openly.    
Our Rusian Allies, as well you know, are most sensitive, and for us to   
press for a commintment from them now might be interpreted as an affront   
in view of the various statements they have made during the past year  
concerning freedom of worship in the Soviet Union.  For the same reason I   
fear it would be highly dangerous to inject the question of religious   
freedom into the Dumbarton Oaks discussions, imasmuch as such discussion   
       could be directed toward only one participant.       
This is am issue which perhaps we cannot and should not attempt to force   
by any frontal assault.  Might it not be preferable to exert our influence   
quietly and constantly and, instead of seeking to obtain a formal commitment  
to respect freedom of religion, to use our good offices whenever possible   
in the practical tests of Soviet respect for that principle? The Vatican   
itself, from your report, is wary of statments and intent upon concrete   
I am looking forward to your further reports and shall be interested in   
having your further reports and shall be interested in having your   
                 reaction to the foregoing.                 
                     Sincerely yours,                       
                       The Honorable                        
                      Myron C. Taylor,                      
               Special Representative of the                
                 President at the Vatican,                  
                       Vatican City.                        
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