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                                          EXECUTIVE OFFICE O
              THE PRESIDENT  
                                             WAR REFUGEE BOA
R                    D. C.  
                                     Office of the          
                                   Executive Director       
                                            April 24 1944  
                      Dear Mr. Taylor:                      
Now that Sir Herbert Emerson has left Washington  
after a series of discussions dealing with relations   
between the Inter-Governmental Committee and the War Refugee   
Board, I want to express my personal thanks to you for   
originating and implementing the idea that Sir Herbert and I   
get together on our common problems. As you know, the discussions   
were most harmonious, complete agreement was reached as to the   
relations between the two agencies, and definite steps were taken   
              to push forward specific plans.               
                 Thanks for the assistance.                 
                   With personal regards,                   
                    (Signed) J. W. PEHLE                    
                    Executive Director.                     
                    Mr. Myron C. Taylor,                    
                  American Representative,                  
               Inter-Governmental Committee,                
                         Room 220,                          
                    Department of State.                    
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