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                    DEPARTMENT OF STATE                     
                        June 3, 1944                        
               MEMORANDUM FOR THE PRESIDENT:                
On May 29, 1944 you referred to me Mr. Myron Taylor's letter of   
resignation as Representative of the United States on the   
Intergovernmental Committee on Political Refugees.  You requested a draft   
answer.  Such a draft is attached.  It accepts Mr. Taylor's resignation,   
                     with great regret.                     
At the same time you referred to me Mr. Taylor's memorandum which   
expressed his hope that a permanent Board of Directors would shortly be   
found for the Italian relief operation, and recommending that the Red   
Cross be brought in at once as an administrative arm of the UNRRA.    
Attached, a memorandum in answer to Mr. Taylor's memorandum.
We are canvassing with UNRRA and the Red Cross the possibilities of Mr.   
Taylor's suggestion.  We will shortly report on the subject.
               1. Draft letter to Mr. Taylor.               
                2. Memorandum to Mr. Taylor.                
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