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                    (Appendix to T-491)                     
                        (to PWC-219)                        
                 EUROPE: BOUNDARY PROBLEMS                  
           (to accompany Map 4, European Series)            
The accompanying map (European Series, Map 4) indicates the following   
    disputed areas of Europe, numbered correspondingly.     
1. The Petsamo District.-- This area, which includes Finland's only   
Arctic seacoast, was a part of Tsarist Russia until 1917, and was   
acquired by Finland oby the Treaty of Tartu, October 1920.  A portion of   
it, approximately 155 square miles in area, including the western part o  
f the Rybachi Peninsula, was ceded to Soviet Russia by the Treaty of   
Moscow, March 12, 1940.  Recently, in its armistice proposals to   
Finland, the Soviet Union has claimed "the Petsamo district", but the   
           exact territory claimed is not known.            
2. The Salla Sector, Karelia, the Hanko Penisula, and the Gulf of   
Finland Islands.-- The Salla Sector was a part of Finland from 1595   
until its cession to the Soviet Union by the Treaty of Moscow in 1940.    
The Karelian Isthumus boundry and the status of the Gulf Islands were   
Fixed by the Treaty of Tartu, October 14, 1920.  In the negotiations of   
1939 the Soviet Government proposed changes in the boundry on the   
Isthmus and a lease of the Gulf Islands and of Hanko Penisula.  The   
Finnish counterproposals were rejected.  By the treaty of Moscow of   
March 12, 1940 the Isthmus boundary was moved north and west, the Gulf   
Islands were ceded to the Soviet Union and a 30 year lease of Hanko was   
The area in dispute is mainly that ceded to the Soviet Union in 1940, a   
total of 13, 500 square miles, of which 9, 549 square miles were in the   
Karelian Isthmus region.  Forty-seven square miles at Hanko were leased   
to Russia.  The population of this area was approximately 450, 000 in   
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