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34. SUDETEN AREA.--As part of the lands of the Crown of Bohemia, these   
areas were ceded to Czechoslakia by Austria in the Treaty of St. Germain,   
September 10, 1919.  They were incorporated into Germay as a consequence   
of the Munich agreement of September 30, 1938.  This agreement was   
subsequently denounced by Great Britain and France, and was never   
   recognized by the United States and the Soviet Union.    
The area ceded to Germany in 1938 was 11,236 sqare miles in area.    
According to the 1930 census, the total population was 3,756,719, of whom   
2,822,899 were German and 738,502 Czechoslovak.  The Sudentenland is not a  
continous territory, but extends around the western frontiers of   
Czechoslovakia.  Cession of the territory destroyed the defenses, the   
  communications sytem, and the economy of Czechoslovakia.  
35. EUPEN, MALMEDY, AND MORESNET.-- These three districts extend along the   
entire Belgian-German frontier.  Eupen and Malmedy, formally part of   
Germany, were transferred to Belgium in 1920 by the Conference of   
Ambassadors, following an expression of public opions held in accordance   
with the terms of the Treaty of Versailles; and Moresnet, formerly neutral   
territory, was awarded to Belgium by the same Treaty.  These territories   
were claimed by Germany, and on  May 19, 1940, ere re-incorporated into   
                    the Reich by Hitler.                    
The districts cover an area of 366,59 square miles and have a total   
population, according to the census of 1930, of 66,618 of whom 12,166 are   
      French-speaking and 51,383 are German-speaking.       
36. LUXEMBOURG.--The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is an independent state   
bordering on France, Belgium and Germany and associated with Belgium in an   
economic union.  Its approximate area is 1,000 square miles and its   
population 297,000 (1935).  It was occupied by Germany in 1940 and   
            declared annexed to Germany in 1942.            
37. ALSACE-LORRAINE.--This territory was lost by France in 1871 when it   
was ceded to Germany under the Treaty of Frankfort May 10, 1871.  It was   
returned to France according to the Peace Treaty with Germany ( June 28,   
1919 ), as from the date of the armistice, November 11, 1918.  In 1940   
            this region was annexed by Germany.             
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