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                     February 14, 1944.                     
                   My dear Mr. President:                   
I am enclosing a copy of a letter which I have received from Senator Nye   
requesting a copy of the reply which the Pope made to your letter of July   
10, 1943 at the time of the invasion of Sicily.  The Pope's reply is dated   
July 20, 1943, which you wre kind enough to refer to me by memorandum on   
August 30 for my information and to make copies for the Department's files.   
I returned the original letter to you on September 6, 1943. 
I should be grateful for an expression of your wishes in replying to   
                        Senator Nye.                        
                     Faithfully yours,                      
            From Senator Nye, Febreuary 4, 1944.            
                       THE PRESIDENT                        
                      THE WHITE HOUSE.                      
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