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                    DEPARTMENT OF STATE                     
                        July 8, 1944                        
                MEMORANDUM FOR THE PRESIDENT                
           Subject: Letter from Myron C. Taylor.            
Mr. Taylor's confidential letter for you of June 23 has been read with   
much interest and appreciation and is returned herewith together with a   
     tentative draft of reply for your consideration.       
In view of the preliminary nature of the conversations of Mr. Taylor with   
the Pope and the Cardinal Secretary, there would  nor appear to be any   
particular question which the Department would like you to mention to Mr.   
Taylor at this time, except a reference to the Vatican's efforts to assist  
victims of religious and racial persecutions as mentioned in the enclosed   
                   draft, if you approve.                   
    Mr. Taylor's letter, June 23, 1944; Draft of reply.     
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