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                      THE WHITE HOUSE                       
                       July 18, 1944.                       
e latest I have in regard to the King of the Belgians is thi
"This source, which is dependable, is an initmate confidant of the Crown   
Princess, who exerts an astonishing influence in higher quarters here   
(meaning Rome), and is an exceedingly clever person-- more so in fact   
than the Crown Prince.  She is now in Switzerland and, for the moment,   
unable to return to Italy.  I am told that her influence in the change   
of the Mussolini regime and beginning to war against the Germans was   
considerable, her brother, as you know, the King of Belgium, is in   
captivity in Germany.  The Belgian Ambassador here says they know nothing   
                    of his whereabouts."                    
    (Quoted from Myron Taylor's letter of June 28, 1944)    
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