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                    SEGRETERIA DI STATO                     
                       diSVA SANTITA                        
                         N. 4988/44                         
The Sceretariat of State of His Holiness respectfully requests His   
Excellency Mr. Myron Taylor to be so kind as to communicate to His   
Excellency Mr. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, President of the United States   
 America, the enclosed Message from His Holiness Pope Pius X
The Sceretariat of State avails itself of this opportunity to express to   
    Mr. Taylor sentiments of its highest consideration.     
                THE VATICAN, August 7, 1944.                
                      To His Excelency                      
                      MR. MYRON TAYLOR                      
         Personal Representative of the President           
              of the United States of America               
                      to the Holy See                       
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