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                                       Dear Myron:          
   I have your letter of August 7, 1944, enclosing a copy of a   
letter dated July 15, 1944 from Count Grandi to you.  Our Legation at   
Lisbon has received various of Grandi's reports concerning events leading   
up to the overthrow of Mussolini last year. Colonel Stimson has also   
received a letter written in a similar vein from Count Grandi. It is   
interesting too have the story from one of the principal participants  
     of the last meeting of the Fascist Grand Council.      
Regarding his personal position, there is, of course, nothing we can do.   
His relations with his government would appear to be purely an internal   
Italian affair. He is presumably safe enough in Portugal if he is willing   
                      to remain there.                      
                      Sincerely yours,                      
                       The Honorable                        
                      Myron C. Taylor,                      
               Personal Representative of the               
                 President at the Vatican,                  
                       Vatican City.                        
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