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Memorandum for the President 1/1/45
Taylor-->FDR 11/11/44
Memorandum by Taylor re: relief for Italian Refugees 11/9/44
telegram from Taylor to FDR and Sec of State 1/11/45
Taylor-->FDR 1/11/45
Report on the E.N.D.S.I. in the First Month of its Activity (12/44)
FDR-->Taylor 1/13/45
Taylor-->FDR 12/22/44
Memorandum for the President from Edward J. Stettinius, Jr. 12/30/44
Taylor-->FDR 1/17/45
DeGasperi-->Taylor 2/17/45
DeGasperi->Taylor 2/17/45 (Italian)
Telegram from Taylor to FDR 1/18/45
Minutes from Meeting of Advisory Group Concerning Relief held 1/22/45
Prospectus of Movement of Merchandise Donated through American Relief and Distributed by E.N.D.S.I. 1/1 to 1/15/45
telegram from Taylor to FDR 1/24/45
handwritten letter from Taylor to FDR 1/26/45
Memorandum from Taylor 1/22/45
Taylor-->Edward J. Stettinius, Jr. 1/30/45
minutes of meeting of the Advisory Group concerning Relief held 1/15/45

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