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Myron Taylor-->FDR 2/7/45
Mr. Silber-->Myron Taylor 1/13/45
memo Public Health sub-commission
Mr. Silber-->M. Taylor 1/20/45
minutes of M. Taylor Meeting 12 1/29/45
M.Taylor -->F.D.R. 2/5/45
minutes of M.Taylor Meeting 13 2/5/45
memo American Relief for Italy
report on distribution of milk and vitamins in Italy 2/6/45
memo distribution of vitamins
chart hygine and health office, commune of Rome
M. Taylor-->F.D.R. 2/14/45
M.Taylor--> Mr. Keeney 2/13/45
Mr. Keeney-->M. Taylor 2/10/45
chart:Current Status of supply program for next 2 months 2/9/45
M.Taylor-->F.D.R. 2/20/45
minutes of M.Taylor Meeting 14 2/12/45
charts: contents of surgical and first-aid kits
Geo.T. Summerlin-->Grace Tully 2/21/45
dept. of state-->G.Tully 2/21/45
M.Taylor-->F.D.R. 1/20/45
minutes of M.Taylor Meeting 10 1/15/45
minutes of M.Taylor Meeting 11 1/22/45
Charts Amer.Relief for Italy
chart: distribution of powdered milk & vitamins
lists of orphanages & welfare instit. in Rome
chart: distribution of powdered Milk & vitamins
lists of orphanages & welfare instit. in Naples
F.D.R.--> G.Tully 2/22/45
M.Taylor-->F.D.R. 1/31/45
F.D.R. --> Harry Hopkins, memo 2/24/45
F.D.R.--> H.Hopkins, memo 2/26/45
M.Taylor-->F.D.R. 2/28/45

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