Library ID Date Title Photo
52114(11) 00/00/1937 FWA:PBA:Paintings and Sculptures for Public Buildings:painting depicting hockey players from early 1900's in old-fashioned uniforms:artist Henry Billings: Lake Placid New York 27-0609a.gif 
52114(15) 00/00/1937 FWA:PBA:Paintings and Sculptures for Public Buildings:painting depicting World War I scene with soldiers and ammunition in foreground and large dirigible suspended in upper middle:artist Peppino Mangravite:Hempstead New York 27-0610a.gif 
52114(2) 00/00/1937 FWA:PBA:Paintings and Sculptures for Public Buildings:painting depicting Indians and English soldiers meeting, smoking pipe, and trading in forest scene:artist Henry Schnackenberg:Amsterdam, New York 27-0607a.gif 
52114(20) 00/00/1937 FWA:PBA:Paintings and Sculptures for Public Buildings:painting depicting latter part of nineteenth century with train in station on far left and postman surrounded by people with hands outstretched for mail:artist John Sloan:Bronxville Station:Yonkers New York 27-0611a.gif 
52114(23) 00/00/1937 FWA:PBA:Paintings and Sculptures for Public Buildings:painting depicting colonial entertainment with families dancing in circle accompanied by fiddlers and a caller on far left and onlookers on right:artist Victoria H. Huntley:Springerville New York 27-0612a.gif 
52114(26) 00/00/1937 FWA:PBA:Paintings and Sculptures for Public Buildings:painting depicting farm workers in wooded setting taking a break from their work with blanket spread on ground:horses on far left and sheep and sheepherder on far right:artist J. Theodore Johnson:Garden City New York 27-0613a.gif 
52114(30) 00/00/1937 FWA:PBA:Paintings and Sculptures for Public Buildings:New York New York:General Post Office:artist Louis Lozowick: painting of steamboat pushing barges on Hudson River with New York City skyline in background 27-0596a.gif 
52114(31) 00/00/1937 FWA:PBA:Paintings and Sculptures for Public Buildings: Post Office:Freeport New York:artist William Gropper:winter scene in city with train and buildings in background 27-0597a.gif 
52114(32) 00/00/1937 FWA:PBA:Paintings and Sculptures for Public Buildings:Bronx Central Station: New York: artist Ben Shahn:woman working on large loom in factory 27-0598a.gif 
52114(33) 00/00/1937 FWA:PBA:Paintings and Sculptures for Public Buildings:Rockville Centre New York:artist Victor White:painting of fisherman sitting on wooden box with buckets of fish and clams at his feet and woman standing next to him with shawl on her head and basket under her arm: sailboat and wooden shack in background 27-0599a.gif 
52114(34) 00/00/1937 FWA:PBA:Paintings and Sculptures for Public Buildings:Saratoga New York:artist Guy Peine Du Bois:painting of men and women resting and walking leisurely around resort 27-0600a.gif 
52114(37) 00/00/1937 FWA:PBA:Paintings and Sculptures for Public Buildings:Bayside Long Island New York:Post Office:bas relief of classical figure Mercury with eagle in background and stars below 27-0601a.gif 
52114(39) 00/00/1937 FWA:PBA:Paintings and Sculptures for Public Buildings:large sculpture of two bears playing:Harlem River Housing Project:New York New York:by Heinz Warneke 27-0602a.gif 
52114(47) 00/00/1937 FWA:PBA:Paintings and Sculptures for Public Buildings:bas relief of six figures from different historical periods shown in their dress and background framing doorway:artist Vincent Glinsky:Hudson New York 27-0604a.gif 
52114(48) 00/00/1937 FWA:PBA:Paintings and Sculptures for Public Buildings:bas relief of classical woman holding dove in right hand and clock in left hand:artist Sten Jacobsson:Forest Hills Station: Flushing New York 27-0605a.gif 
52114(49) 00/00/1937 FWA:PBA:Paintings and Sculptures for Public Buildings:bas relief of three figures: Indian, man bending over to pick up object, and woman holding dove in left hand:artist Humbert Albrizio:Hamilton New York 27-0606a.gif 
52114(5) 00/00/1937 FWA:PBA:Paintings and Sculptures for Public Buildings:painting depicting people picking apples in orchard and participating in farm scene: artist Arnold Blanch:Fredonia New York 27-0608a.gif 
52114(51) 00/00/1937 FWA:PBA:Paintings and Sculptures for Public Buildings:painting depicting beach scene with bathers, boardwalk, boats, umbrellas, and on-lookers:artist Jon Corbino:Long Beach New York 27-0614a.gif 
52133(96) 10/24/1936 Public Works Administration Project, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Bonneville Power and Navigation Dam in Oregon, Columbia River, 40 miles East of Portland, "Downstream side of Blocks 7 and 8 of North Half of Spillway Dam and Piers 9 to 12. Inclusive of South Half of Dam" 27-0907a.gif 
52133(98) 10/16/1936 Public Works Administration Project, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Bonneville Power and Navigation Dam in Oregon, Columbia River, 40 miles East of Portland Oregon "Downstream View of Construction Operations on North half of main dam." 27-0904a.gif 
52147(4) 00/00/1936 WPA National Arts Week 27-0456a.gif 
52147(6) 00/00/1936 WPA National Arts Week 27-0457a.gif 
52332 00/00/1942 Tennessee Valley Authority, Tennessee Housing, "Stranded in the location of the old Congress mine." 27-0918a.gif 
52333 00/00/1942 Tennessee Valley Authority, Tenessee Housing, Fentress Co., Wilder, Tennessee, "The sole water supply of this section of Wilder Tenessee. 27-0919a.gif 
5241(19) 03/09/1936 NYA:Utica Industrial Institute:Negro:Hinds County, Mississippi:students raising prize hogs 27-0536a.gif 
5241(22) 04/16/1936 NYA:"class in physical education at Vicksburg Negro High School":"grounds are being improved as a NYA work project" 27-0540a.gif 
5241(36) 05/08/1936 NYA:"Lee County Training School(Negro)":Tupelo, Mississippi:group receiving student aid 27-0537a.gif 
5241(40) 05/08/1936 NYA:"Lee County Training School(Negro)":Tupelo, Mississippi:students at work in library 27-0538a.gif 
5241(42) 05/12/1936 NYA:Leflore County Mississippi library project:"assistants in Greenwood Negro Library" 27-0539a.gif 
52411(12)  Mural: fresco by Reginald Marsh (tugboat), at New York City Customs House 27-0802a.gif 
52411(13)  Mural: fresco by Reginald Marsh (ship with news reel crew), at New York City Customs House 27-0803a.gif 
52411(15)  Mural: fresco by Reginald Marsh (ship: unloading car), at New York City Customs House 27-0804a.gif 
52411(16)  Mural: fresco by Reginald Marsh (ship: man climbing aboard) at New York City Customs House 27-0805a.gif 
5246(2) 00/00/1942 U.S. Army Arts Projects: "Barracks Concert" by Private Willard Cummings, hanging at Fort Belvoir, Virginia 27-0950a.gif 
5246(8) 00/00/1942 U.S. Army Arts Projects at Fort Belvoir, Virginia: "Here are four of the soldier-artists working on their murals. 27-0951a.gif 
5251(106) 00/00/1936 NYA:Arizona:"colored boys attending WPA household workers training center(WPA Divisiion of Employment & U.S.E.S. being served)" 27-0556a.gif 
5251(107) 00/00/1936 NYA:Phoenix,Arizona:"colored girls attending WPA household workers training center(serving a tea given for the Phoenix Recreation Dept.)" 27-0557a.gif 
525120 00/00/1936 NYA:Phoenix, Arizona:workers attending WPA class in auto mechanics 27-0555a.gif 
53-227(788) 00/00/1936 NYA:Minnesota:young woman learning to sew 27-0558a.gif 
53227(1581)  PWA: New York "Like a modern Flying Carpet, the Tri-Borough Bridge swings accross the Sky with 'Bagdad on the Subway' in the background. 27-0939a.gif 
53227(1582)  PWA: New Jersey "A rivet heater keeps the job fires burning during the construction of the Medical Center." 27-0940a.gif 
53227(1583)  PWA: New Jersey "Hod carriers move bricks up for the construction of the Tea Neck High School." 27-0941a.gif 
53227(1596) 00/00/1934 Public Works Administration: Slum housing in University, Atlanta, Georgia to be replaced by housing depicted in 538(2) 27-0937a.gif 
53227(1641)  REA; "Man washing hands in bowl, woman in background" 27-0758a.gif 
53227(1643)  REA; "Woman plunges and scrubs" 27-0750a.gif 
53227(1645)  REA; "Woman places log in stove" 27-0751a.gif 
53227(1652)  REA; TVA; "Woman standing over stove" 27-0752a.gif 
53227(1653)  REA; "Woman irons daughter's dress, girl holding doll" 27-0759a.gif 
53227(1654)  REA; "Woman at work in kitchen"; photo by Campbell 27-0760a.gif 
53227(1655)  REA; "Eldery lady removes pie from oven" 27-0753a.gif