Library ID Date Title Photo
53227(1656)  REA; "Girl in doorway holding an unlit lamp" 27-0754a.gif 
53227(1657)  REA; "Little girl by radio" 27-0755a.gif 
53227(1658)  REA; "Woman turning the nozzle" 27-0756a.gif 
53227(1673)  REA; TVA; "Stringing rural TVA transmission line" 27-0757a.gif 
53227(1733)  Social Security Poster: widow 27-0809a.gif 
53227(1735)  Social Security Poster: old man 27-0810a.gif 
53227(1736)  Social Security "Unemployed insured workers registering for jobs and filing benefit claims at a State employment office." 27-0811a.gif 
53227(1738)  Social Security, "Part of the biggest bookeeping job in the world: Filing workers' applications for social security account numbers." 27-0812a.gif 
53227(1740)  Social Security, "Keeping Individual Old-Age Insurance Records" 27-0813a.gif 
53227(1742) 00/00/1935 Farm Security Administration- Resettlement Administration: Federal-State old age assistance provides for those who are now old and needy 27-0693a.gif 
53227(1745)  Social Security: homeless man 27-0814a.gif 
53227(1751)  Social Security: Mother and Child 27-0815a.gif 
53227(1754)  Social Security: Public Health nursing made available through child welfare services 27-0816a.gif 
53227(1770) 00/00/1936 Surplus Commodities Program 27-0844a.gif 
53227(1771) 00/00/1936 Surplus Commodities: School Lunch Programs 27-0845a.gif 
53227(1773) 00/00/1936 Surplus Commodities 27-0846a.gif 
53227(1784) 00/00/1936 Surplus Commodities: School Lunch Program 27-0847a.gif 
53227(1800) 00/00/1936 Surplus Commodities 27-0848a.gif 
53227(1803) 00/00/1936 Surplus Commodities 27-0849a.gif 
53227(1823) 00/00/1942 Map of the Tennessee Valley Authority 27-0788a.gif 
53227(1828) 00/00/1942 Tennessee Valley Authority, "Results of Fertilizer -- This is a test field of a practical operating farm on which TVA produced phosphatehas demonstrated its ability to encourage the growth of a protcetive vegetable cover and hence build up soil fertility. The thick growth was treated with a mixture of phospate and lime; the almost bare area was not treated. 27-0921a.gif 
53227(1836) 00/00/1942 Tennessee Valley Authority Hiawassee Dam in North Carolina 27-0789a.gif 
53227(1840) 01/00/1937 Tennessee Valley Authority, Norris Dam, Tennessee, " The force of falling water becomes electric power at Norris Dam. TVA Engineers raised the 14 foot steel drum gates atop this spillway in January 1937 to prevent water from reaching the already swollen Ohio and Mississippi Rivers. 27-0928a.gif 
53227(1842) 00/00/1942 Tennessee Valley Authority, "Water Supply on the Farm -- Drawing water from a cistern on a farm in the Tennessee Valley. This type of water supply is familiar to rural residents in many parts of the country. 27-0920a.gif 
53227(1843) 00/00/1942 Tennessee Valley Authority, "Destruction in the wake of a flood." 27-0922a.gif 
53227(1844) 00/00/1942 Tennessee Valley Authority, Kensington Georgia, "Community Refrigerator in use -- The variety of farm products shown in this community refrigerator are being stored by the members of a cooperative refrigerator association in Kensington, Georgia. 27-0923a.gif 
53227(1850) 00/00/1942 Tennesee Valley Authroity, Muscle Shoals, Alabama, "Laborers at the TVA's forest tree nursery at Muscle Shoals. Pine, locust, and some cypress trees are grown here. Approximately, 10,000,000 seedlings are produced annually on this hundred acre section. 27-0924a.gif 
53227(1915)  WPA worker instructs children in mounting the day's catch of insects at the Children's Museum in Brooklyn, N.Y. 27-0631a.gif 
53227(1922) 00/00/1936 Class in violin instruction under the direction of the WPA Federal Music Project in New York City 27-0455a.gif 
53227(1923) 00/00/1935 Children learn to mix colors at the Neighborhood House in Washington, D.C. 27-0797a.gif 
53227(1937) 00/00/1935 WPA: Information Service: Washington D.C.: a man at work with Jack-hammer 27-0626a.gif 
53227(1967)  WPA Sewing Project 27-0832a.gif 
53227(1991)  WPA Adult Education 27-0833a.gif 
53227(2007) 00/00/1935 WPA: Toy Repair Projects: toys and dolls mended by workers: many of the dolls are made available to underprivileged children through Toy Lending Libraries, given to WPA Nursery Schools, and some are given out at Christmas time for children to keep 27-0627a.gif 
53227(2017)  WPA 27-0834a.gif 
53227(2018)  WPA Library bookmobile 27-0835a.gif 
53227(2040)  WPA "Aid to dependent children keeps families together." 27-0836a.gif 
53227(2060) 00/00/1935 Depression:Unemployed: photo of Idle man dressed in worn coat lying down on pier:New York City docks: photo by Lewis W, Hine 27-0622a.gif 
53227(2064) 00/00/1936 WPA: unemployed shown at Volunteers of America Soup Kitchen: Washington, D.C. 27-0638a.gif 
53227(2067) 00/00/1935 Depression:Unemployed: man dressed poorly walking with head down: shacks in background: no credit Typical picture capturing the poverty and hopelessness felt bv many during the Depression 27-0623a.gif 
53227(2179) 03/00/1941 Tennessee Valley Authority, "Power for defense." 27-0925a.gif 
53227(291) 06/00/1936 Farm Security Administration- Works Progress Administration: Unemployed men eating in Volunteers of America Soup Kitchen in Washington, D.C. 27-0692a.gif 
53227(292) 00/00/1935 Depression: Unemployed;destitute man leaning against vacant store:photo by Dorothea Lange 27-0621a.gif 
53227(293) 00/00/1936 WPA: unemployed shown at volunteers of America Soup Kitchen: Washington, D.C. 27-0637a.gif 
53227(313) 00/00/1933 Civilian Conservation Corps in Idaho, Boise National Forest 27-0873a.gif 
53227(315) 00/00/1933 Civilian Conservation Corps enrollee engaged in tree planting- part of the reforestation program caried on by the Corps 27-0645a.gif 
53227(317) 00/00/1933 Civilian Conservation Corps in Idaho, Boise National Forest 27-0874a.gif 
53227(322)  FSA; CCC; "CCC boys at work"; Prince George Co., V.A. 27-0744a.gif 
53227(324) 00/00/1933 Civilian Conservation Corps at an experimental farm in Beltsville, Maryland 27-0876a.gif 
53227(327) 00/00/1933 Civilian Conservation Corps at an experimental farm in Beltsville, Maryland 27-0877a.gif