Library ID Date Title Photo
425612 00/00/1897 Franklin D. Roosevelt, a school picture in Groton, Massachusetts 09-1984a.gif 
4313049 09/22/1942 Franklin D. Roosevelt at Fort Lewis, Washington 09-1915a.gif 
4315112 05/13/1942 Franklin D. Roosevelt, President Quezon of the Philipines, and family, and Captain McCre in Washington, D.C 09-1840a.gif 
431641 11/05/1942 Franklin D. Roosevelt in Washington, Washington, D.C. 09-1850a.gif 
43183141 00/00/1891 Franklin D. Roosevelt, James Roosevelt, and Sara Delano Roosevelt in Hyde Park, New York 09-1950a.gif 
43183143 00/00/1891 Franklin D. Roosevelt and James Roosevelt in Hyde Park, New York 09-1951a.gif 
4563 00/00/1926 Franklin D. Roosevelt in Florida 09-1612a.gif 
46441(1) 09/22/1932 Franklin D. Roosevelt, Francis Carr, and Anna Redding in California 09-1728a.gif 
4681(3) 07/10/1945 Eleanor Roosevelt and Eisenhower in Hyde Park, New York 09-2430a.gif 
4691 04/15/1945 Franklin D. Roosevelt funeral train enroute to Hyde Park 09-2622a.gif 
47893 09/03/1943 Eleanor Roosevelt in Sydney, Australia 09-2383a.gif 
47921246(46) 00/00/1904 Franklin D. Roosevelt, group shot in Cambridge, Massachusetts. 09-2107a.gif 
47921773(106) 00/00/1900 Franklin D. Roosevelt in a school group photo in Groton, Massachusetts 09-2051a.gif 
47921773(111) 00/00/1900 Franklin D. Roosevelt in a class group photo in Groton, Massachusetts 09-2052a.gif 
47921773(114) 00/00/1900 Franklin D. Roosevelt in a school group photo in Groton, Massachusetts 09-2053a.gif 
47922830 03/00/1891 Franklin D. Roosevelt and Fraulein Riensberg in Hyde Park, New York 09-1949a.gif 
4796;4804(32) 00/00/1907 Franklin D. Roosevelt with Anna in Campobello. 09-2184a.gif 
4796;882 00/00/1908 Franklin D. Roosevelt and Eleanor Roosevelt with Anna and baby James, formal portrait in Hyde Park, New York. 09-2229a.gif 
47961000 10/19/1928 Franklin D. Roosevelt in Olean, New York 09-1618a.gif 
47961005 00/00/1930 Franklin D. Roosevelt 09-1642a.gif 
47961015 05/00/1929 Franklin D. Roosevelt in Warm Springs, Georgia 09-1623a.gif 
47961021 06/21/1930 Franklin D. Rooseveltand Adm. Richard E. Byrd in Albany, New York 09-1634a.gif 
47961023 06/24/1930 Franklin D. Rooseveltand Adm. R.E. Byrd in Albany, New York 09-1635a.gif 
47961044 00/00/1924 Franklin D. Roosevelt 09-1598a.gif 
47961047 06/08/1931 Franklin D. Roosevelt and an unidentified man in Albany, New York 09-1682a.gif 
47961054 00/00/1933 Franklin D. Roosevelt 09-1766a.gif 
4796107 00/00/1908 Franklin D. Roosevelt with Sara Delano Roosevelt and Laura Delano in Campobello. 09-2226a.gif 
4796108 00/00/1910 Franklin D. Roosevelt with Cousin Jean Delano in Campobello. 09-2261a.gif 
4796109 00/00/1910 Franklin D. Roosevelt with Anna, Laura F. Delano and Harry S. Hooker in Campobello. 09-2262a.gif 
4796111 00/00/1910 Franklin D. Roosevelt with Mrs. Hitch and Jean Delano in Campobello. 09-2263a.gif 
4796112 00/00/1904 Franklin D. Roosevelt in Campobello. 09-2108a.gif 
4796113 00/00/1910 Franklin D. Roosevelt and Eleanor Roosevelt with Laura F. Delano and Harry S. Hooker in Campobello. 09-2264a.gif 
4796114 00/00/1910 Franklin D. Roosevelt with Harry S. Hooker in Campobello. 09-2265a.gif 
4796116 00/00/1908 Franklin D. Roosevelt in Campobello. 09-2227a.gif 
4796117 00/00/1909 Franklin D. Roosevelt and Eleanor Roosevelt with Laura Delano in Campobello. 09-2240a.gif 
4796118 00/00/1904 Franklin D. Roosevelt with Sara Delano Roosevelt in Campobello. 09-2109a.gif 
47961196 06/16/1933 Franklin D. Roosevelt on Campobello Island 09-1754a.gif 
47961201 06/16/1933 Franklin D. Roosevelt and James on Campobello Island 09-1755a.gif 
47961204 06/16/1933 Franklin D. Roosevelt and others on Campobello Island 09-1756a.gif 
47961207 06/16/1933 Franklin D. Roosevelt on Campobello Island 09-1757a.gif 
47961214(OVERSI 06/16/1933 Franklin D. Roosevelt on Campobello Island 09-1758a.gif 
4796122 00/00/1885 Franklin D. Roosevelt 09-1922a.gif 
47961239 06/07/1932 Franklin D. Roosevelt in Albany, New York 09-1709a.gif 
47961240 00/00/1932 Franklin D. Roosevelt and others in Warm Springs, Georgia 09-1741a.gif 
4796127 00/00/1893 Franklin D. Roosevelt portrait in New York City, New York 09-1957a.gif 
4796128 00/00/1895 Franklin D. Roosevelt portrait, head and shoulders 09-1968a.gif 
47961291 07/17/1932 Franklin D. Roosevelt and others in Hampton Beach, New Hampshire 09-1714a.gif 
479614 07/13/1890 Franklin D. Roosevelt, Delano grandparents, uncles, and cousins in Newburgh, New York 09-194613a.gif 
4796140 07/13/1890 Franklin D. Roosevelt, Delano grandparents, and 7 cousins in Newburgh, New York 09-1947a.gif 
4796143 02/00/1888 Franklin D. Roosevelt portrait in Poughkeepsie, New York 09-1931a.gif