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                              October 21, 1941
My dear Mr. President:
     At the time of your meeting with Mr. Churchill
in August, with your approval I inquired of Sir Alexander
Cadogan, for the information of this Government, whether
the British Government had entered into any committments
secret understandings covering territorial readjust-
ments after the close of the war.  You will remember
that some six weeks previously you had sent a personal
message to Mr. Churchill expressing the opinion that
the British Government should make no secret commitments 
to any of its allies without the knowledge of the United
States or without the agreement of the United States.
     Sir Alexander Cadogan gave me the most specific
and positive assurances that the British Governement
had entered into no agreements and had mad no commit-
ments which had to do with frontier or territorial
readjustments, with one possible exception.  He stated that
The President,
     The Whie House. 
a 0 ~o2.
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