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   (ii)  Removal of plants and equipment by members of the United
Nations as restitution and reparation (Paragraph 4).
   (iii)  All plants and equipment not removed within a stated
period of time, say 6 months, will be completely destroyed or reduced 
to scrap and allocated to the United Nations.
 (b)  All people within the area should be made to understand that
this area will not again be allowed to become an industrial area.  Ac-
cordingly, all people and their families within the area having special 
skills or technical training should be encouraged to migrate permanently
from the area and should be as widely dispersed as possible.
 (c)  The area should be made an international zone to be governed 
by an international security organization to be established by the 
United Nations.  In governing the area the international organization 
should be guided by policies designed to further the above stated 
4.  Restitution and Reparation.
 Reparations, in teh form of recurrent payments and deliveries, 
should not be demanded.  Restitution and reparation shall be effected
by the transfer of existing German resources and territories, e.g,
 (a)  by restitution of property looted by the Germans in territories
occupied by them;
 (b)  by transfer of German territory and German private rights in
industrial property situated in such territory to invaded countries
and the international orginization under the program of partition;
 (c)  by the removal and distribution among devastated countries 
of industrial plants and equipment situated within the International
Zone and the North and South German states delimited in the section
on partition;
 (d)  by forced German labor outside Germany; and
 (e)  by confiscation of all German assets of any character whatso-
ever outside of Germany.
5.  Education and Propoganda.
 (a)  All schools and universities will be closed until an Allied 
Commission of Education has formulated an effective reorginization 
program.  It is contemplated that it may require a considerable period
of time before any institutions of higher education are reopened.  Mean-
while the education of German students in foreign universities will
not be prohibited.  Elementary schools will be reopened as quickly as
appropriate teachers and textbooks are available.
 (b)  All German radio stations and newspapers, magazines, weeklies,
etc. shall be discontinued until adequate controls are established 
and an appropriate program formulated.
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