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September 14 1944
Memorandum to The President:
If Germany (or the National Socialist Party) is to be prevented
from starting all over again ... someone during the first occu-
pation of Germany should be tipped off to:
 Seize the mailing list used by H.R. Hoffman
 and others in Munich to disrupt German-Americans
 and others in the United States.
The Allied Governments should also be interested in seizing and 
destroying the mailing lists used in disrupting other countries
by mail ... especially the South American nations.
This may seem to be a small detail ... but if studied carefully
the possibilities for maintaining peace are tremendous.
I am attaching a copy of "Blackmail."  See paragraphs marked on 
pages 11, 12, and 13.  See also paragraphs on page 69.
It is estimated that the Hoffman set-up in Munich built a mailing 
list of approxamately 250,000 German-Americans with relatives
still in Germany. From 1933 on there was a constant flow of 
propoganda originating in Germany.  This very large mailing list was
broken down into selective units.  To a very special list, the
Germans sent bundles of propoganda for hand-to-hand distribution.
And to selected Americans, special material was shipped foir local
printing in the United States.
If this mailing list (and others for other countries) were des-
troyed, it would be nearly impossible for the Germans to start
another campaign of disruption by mail.
If any publicity was given to this suggestion, the Nazi leaders
would hide their mailing list ... just like the mailing lits of
subversive organizations in the United States were hidden after 
publicity prior to and following the outbreal of war.
We will be very glad to help anyone in authority determine where 
these lists might be found.
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