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September 26, 1944
 The President announced today that the Cabinet Committee
which he had appointed some time ago to advise him regarding 
certain aspects of the American policy towards Germany after the
collapse or surrender of that country, had completed its responsi-
bility and accomplished its purpose.
 In the first place, the Committee has examined and approved
the American recommendation to the Combined Chiefs of Staff on the
post-surrender directive to General Eisenhower, which represents 
the American position as to the control of Germany during the period
immediately after the collapse of that country.
 Secondly, the members of the committee have submitted to the 
President their respective views relative to the American position
as to what the Allied Powers' long-range policy toward Germany should
be.  While there are, naturally, differences of approach to this 
complex and important subject, there has been a large measure of 
agreement, especially on the fundamental questions of German dis-
armament, control of German industry and utter destruction of the 
Nazi Party and all its institutions.
 These several memoranda will now receive the consideration of
the President and the Secretary of State, and American representatives
conferring with our allies in respect to the long-range policy, will
be advised of the position of this government at an appropriate date. 
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