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September 15, 1944
Since the meeting with you on Sept ember 9th
attended by the Secretary of State, the Secretary of
the Treasury, Mr. Hopkins, and myself, I have had an
opportunity to read the latest papers submitted to you
by the Secretary of the Treasury on the treatment of
Germany. There is no need to make any extended or
detailed reply to these papers. My views have already
been submitted to you in other memoranda. I merely
wish to reiterate briefly that I still feel that the
course proposed by the Treasury would in the long run
certainly defeat what we hope to attain by a complete
military victory, that is, the peace of the world,
and the assurance of social, economic and political
stability in the world.
 The point of difference is not one of objective,
- continued world peace - it is one of means. When
we discuss means, the difference is not whether we should
be soft or tough on the German people, but rather
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