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September 9, 1944
 Our discussions relate to a matter of method
entirely; our objective is the same. It is not a
question of a soft treatment of Germany or a harsh
treatment of Germany. We are all trying to devise
protection against recurrence by Germany of her
attempts to dominate the world. We differ as to
method. The fundamental remedy of Mr. Morgenthau
is to provide that the industry of Germany shall be
substantially obliterated. Although expressed only
in terms of the Ruhr, the fact of the matter is that
the Ruhr and the adjacent territories which Mr. Morgenthau
would include in his program constitute, particularly
after the amputations that are proposed, the core of
German industry. His proposition is
 "the total destruction of the whole German
 armament industry and the removal or destruc-
 tion of other key industries which are basic
 to military strength."
In speaking of the Ruhr and surrounding industrial
areas, he says:
 "This area should not only be stripped of all
 presently existing industries but so weakened
 and controlled that it cannot in the foresee-
 able future become an industrial area--all
 industrial plants and equipment not destroyed
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